Hello, my name is Jeni. I'm an actress, craft geek, and Jedi.

I put out my action figure wreath again this year….just in time for Sithmas!  Thanks to Bonnie Burton for the inspiration!

*This technically isn’t my front door so my action figures are protected.  ;)

Happiness is finding your old He-Man action figure.

Happiness is finding your old He-Man action figure.

HOW TO MAKE A STAR WARS SHADOWBOX:  I wanted a new way to display my Lando & Lobot action figures so I created an Empire Strikes Back shadowbox!

A while back, someone on YouTube suggested that I destroy my Jar Jar action figure.  However I’ve grown to like Jar Jar…thanks to The Clone Wars.  So I asked people to vote on what I should do.  The votes were sooo close that I decided to make 2 videos to honor both the lovers & haters of Jar Jar.  Even though I like that little Gungan, I must admit that destroying him was pretty fun.  Maybe it’s the Sith in me?    

To SAVE or DESTROY Jar Jar Binks?!   As of now, it’s looking kinda grim for my Jar Jar action figure but be sure to cast your vote!  :D